Do you sell your goods to end consumers via online trade and thereby put packaging on the market? You would like to continue to take over the pre-delivery of packaging for your Austrian corporate customers? Or are you a distance seller of disposable plastic products? You do not have a registered office in Austria?

As of 01.01.2023 you are obliged to appoint an authorized representative based in Austria. What this means and how to get your authorized representative contract with profitara, you can find out here!

You are not sure and need more detailed information, then you can find more information here.

You can find more information here

You already know that you need an authorized representative? Then you can sign the contract with us in just 3 steps. Click here to order your contract.

Click here to order the contract.

Who is required to appoint an authorized representative?

Mail order companies that do not have a registered office in Austria and hand over packaging or goods in packaging in Austria to a private end consumer in the context of distance selling must appoint an authorised representative in Austria for packaging put into circulation from 1 January 2023.

Companies whose registered office is in another Member State of the European Union and who wish to continue to assume the preliminary obligation for packaging for their Austrian corporate customers also require an authorised representative.

What do we do for you?

As an authorised representative, profitara assumes all obligations that arise for you from the Packaging Ordinance in Austria. We provide the following statutory services, among others:

  • Registration as your authorised representative in the register of the Federal Environment Agency
  • Transmission of your master data to the register as well as deposit of your categories of packaging or single-use plastic products
  • Informing your corporate clients about the authorisation and the masses of packaging or single-use plastic products that affect them.
  • Submitting the list of your corporate clients to the Registry
  • Discharge of your packaging or single-use plastic products delivered to Austria to Interzero, your collection and recycling system.

Step by step to your proxy contract

You are already an existing customer of Interzero in Austria?

  • You can easily register with your Interzero customer number (7-digit) and an e-mail code sent to you.
    • You will find your Interzero customer number on your invoice. Please note that this is not the same as the manufacturer number.
    • If you have not received the e-mail code, you can simply ask for your code again here or write an Mail to
      (Due to the many requests by e-mail, there may be increased waiting times).

Are you a new customer?

  • Please select the year for which you require a packaging contract. For the year 2022 you can directly conclude a licensing contract with Interzero, no matter if your company is located in AT or not. Below you will find the procedure for orders from 2023 onwards. profitara austria gmbh is appointed as the authorised representative. You will conclude an authorised representative agreement. The licensing agreement will then be concluded between profitara and Interzero.

Master data:

  • As an existing customer your master data are already filled in automatically. Please check them for typing errors or up-to-dateness. You are welcome to enter changes in the form. If you change your telephone number, please make sure you enter the country code.
  • As a new customer, we ask you to enter your master data in our form. Please make sure that you enter the correct spelling and a country code for your telephone number. Under tax number, please enter your national UID number in full (example: DE123456789).

Quantity entry:

  • You will now be asked for your quantities placed on the market. Please complete this so that we can place you in the correct reporting cycle and the correct fee can be charged. According to your advance notification, you will be classified as an annual, quarterly or monthly declarant or as a flat-rate customer and the profitara fee will be calculated.

Range and scope:

  • If you now click on Continue, you will be taken to the selection of the authorised area and scope. Tick the box that applies to you (multiple selections are possible); the definitions will be displayed in the form of information notes. You will find more detailed descriptions in our FAQs. You have the following options (see screenshot below)
    • Area:
      • Foreign manufacturer (packaging)
      • Foreign mail order company (packaging)
      • Foreign manufacturer (disposable plastic products)
      • Foreign distance seller (disposable plastic products)
    • Scope
      • Scope of authorisation for packaging divided into household and commercial packaging
      • Scope of authorisation for single-use plastic products
        • Balloons
        • Wet wipes
        • Tobacco products
        • Fishing gear

Offer and inspection:

  • In addition to the preview you will receive the licensing fee which will be charged separately by Interzero.
  • You can now check your details again and navigate to the individual pages again by clicking on “Next” and “Back”.
  • If the data is correct, we ask you to confirm the terms and conditions and forward you to the selection of possible payment methods.
    • Credit card
    • Immediate bank transfer
    • (Klarna) invoice
  • You will now be redirected to secure payment and will receive your contract and invoice for download. In addition, you will receive these documents by e-mail.
  • Interzero Circular Solutions Europe is commissioned as your collection and recycling system in Austria. For existing customers, the Interzero licence partner number (= manufacturer number) and access to the previous reporting portal will continue to be valid. New customers will be invoiced for the licence partner number (= manufacturer number) of the profitara transmitted; access to the reporting portal will be transmitted separately.

Please note that the contract is only concluded when you have it notarised. Use the digital solution of our partner notarity or contact a notary you trust. You only need a notarised signature on the power of attorney (Annex 3). The signatures on the contract and on Annex 6 do not need to be notarised.

You are not sure if you need an authorized representative? No problem, call us on +43 (0) 1 714 2005 7220 or send us a message to We are here for you!

In 3 steps to the proxy agreement:

Log in as an existing customer with your email code

No email received? Request your code here.

Enter the matching customer number (7 digits):

You will find your customer number on the invoices sent to you by Interzero Circular Solutions Europe GmbH (or the former Interseroh Austria GmbH). If you have not yet received any invoices, ask for your customer number here send us a message at

Please provide your details.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Please give us a call if you have any questions:

+43 1 714 2005-7220

1. Name, postal and e-mail address
2. Commercial register number, association registration number
3. Sector code
4. Contact person and address:
5. Tax number
Existing customer found
Please log in with your customer number using the following link: to the proxy agreement
Order found
An order has already been saved for your UID for the current period. If you have any questions, use our contact form or send us a message to
Error message
Please review the information in the fields marked in red

NOTE: Due to new legal obligations, as a foreign company you will need an authorized representative based in AT from the performance year 2023. Therefore, in the next step, you will be forwarded to profitara austria gmbh in order to conclude the authorized contract. Please enter your packaging quantities so that we can classify you in a planned reporting cycle and calculate the authorized agent flat rate as well as a preview of your license fee at Interzero.

Please note that you have to pay the proxy fee directly in the webshop. The packaging licensing takes place between profitara and Interzero, which is why you will be billed for the fee afterwards.

If you have any questions, please contact!


Please note that you can only select the flat-rate exemption if the total quantity for household and commercial packaging is less than 1,500 kg.

Household Packaging*
Commercial Packaging*
*According to Sec. 13h of the Austrian Waste Management Act (AWG) 2013 (for a precise calculation, please enter packaging quantities according to GVM quota correction)

Option 1: Flat-Rate Reporting

Companies placing less than 1500kg of household or commercial packaging on the market anually qualify for a flat-rate fee, rather than submission of conventional reports

Flat-Rate Fee for:

Household and Commercial packaging: 130.00 EUR
+VAT (only valid in Austria): 26 EUR
Gross Total: 156 EUR

Option 2: Quantity Reporting

Please submit quantity reports, should you prefer not to take advantage of this offer.

Household Packaging

Your Choice: Household Packaging 1500 kg

Expected quantity

Commercial Packaging

Your Choice: Commercial Packaging 1500 kg

Expected quantity

Interzero packaging license offer

Household Packaging

Commercial Packaging

Total net payment
100,00 100,00 EUR
plus 20% VAT (only valid in Austria)
20,00 20,00 EUR
Preview- Total gross payment *
120,00 120,00 EUR

* The Interzero packaging license offer is displayed for preview. This amount will not be charged in the course of this ordering process. After the authorized contract has been concluded, profitara concludes the license agreement with Interzero for you.

In the next step, you will be forwarded to profitara to conclude an authorization contract. This serves as the basis for further licensing obligations in Austria.


logo Authorization-Contract

Note: Austrian authorities require notarial certification of the signature on the power of attorney


Total net payment
100,00 EUR
plus 20% VAT (only valid in Austria)
20,00 EUR
Total gross payment
120,00 EUR

Your Data

Please check your details. Once you click "I hereby confirm the accuracy of my details", the information will be submitted automatically and you will no longer be able to make corrections.
In the next step, you can print your contract.

Company Name
Company Name 2
Post Code
VAT Reg. No.
Company Reg. No.
Contact Person / Person Responsible for Quantity Reporting:
- -

Authorization Totals

Total net payment
0,00 EUR
plus 20% VAT (only valid in Austria)
VAT - Reverse Charge
0,00 EUR
Total gross payment
0,00 EUR

Annual Preview Report (not included in the payment process of the profitara authorization)

Household Packaging

Commercial Packaging

Total net payment
- - EUR
plus 20% VAT (only valid in Austria)
20,00 20,00 EUR
Preview- Total gross payment
- - EUR

Flat-Rate dispensation (not included in the payment process of the profitara authorization)

Household and Commercial
130.00 EUR
+VAT (only valid in Austria)
26 EUR
Total gross payment
156 EUR

Payment method

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